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Social Media Websites war

Social Media Websites war

Social Media Websites war

We all know that Myspace was the first who has start the social media fever and since than, many more have arrived.Myspace is well known for it’s huge “dating system” which allows you to create a profile and manage it and share things with others.Yeah…you will say now that this is the main definition for a social media website.You are right but one important thing that Myspace doesn’t fully accomplish is simplicity.

Simplicity is the key to Facebook and Twitter success.Hi5, Netlog and many other social media websites like this are not what users want anymore.The main idea of a social media website is to connect users and let them to share everything – text messages, audio, video and all types of information.

Time has changed and whit it the social media fashion.Users have become more experimented and they have understood how everything works.Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has understood what’s the thing that people really need and like you know, Facebook is ranked on 4th place in Alexa ranking system.

Myspace is on 9th place and few months ago it was placed on 7.This is for you to understand how users preferences have changed in such short time.

Another great success is Twitter micro-blogging platform which is such great success since it’s creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey who is also Twitter’s CEO.Jack has made a simple following system which allows users to see what’s new and what other people is doing at the moment.

Twitter has reached a beautiful place into Alexa’s rank system and right now is on 74th place.Is not bad thinking that Twitter has managed to get this spot in just few months.

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