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Selling on Magento? Here’s How You Make Customers Elated After The “Buy” Button

Selling on Magento? Here’s How You Make Customers Elated After The “Buy” Button

Selling on Magento

Meta: If you’re a Magento seller, easy returns are a great way to build a customer base, and take the customer experience past the “buy” button. Here’s what you need to know.

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If you’re an online seller that’s using Magento’s powerful ecommerce platform, easy returns are one of the simplest ways to build your customer base. Making returns hassle-free for your clients can bolster key performance indicators for your online business.

Using a Magento returns software program like ReadyCloud’s popular ReadyReturns is one of the simplest ways to add this extension to your online store. With so many options available, it’s important to select the best one to assist your business. Read more to learn about what to keep an eye out for when choosing your Magento software.

Key Returns Statistics

A large part of running an online store is the returns. Customers are unable to physically handle or test products before making the decision to buy, and sometimes their purchases don’t end up fitting their needs. Businesses that implement easy returns as part of their model tend to attract more customers since they know their purchases are covered. They’ll feel more confident buying a product with the knowledge that returning it will be painless. Here are some helpful stats regarding ecommerce returns:

  • Approximately one in three online purchases are returned.
  • 63% of consumers read a store’s returns policy before making a purchase.
  • 81% of shoppers want free, convenient returns.
  • Free returns can boost sales by 357%.
  • 65% of returns are the e-tailer’s fault.
  • Zappos has improved customer retention by 75% by implementing hassle-free returns.

Implementing an Effective Returns Policy

With any number of problems that can arise, Magento sellers will definitely want to avoid issues that can come with ecommerce returns. Recovering short-term losses and an influx of returned inventory are all factors to consider. Having a simple, hassle-free returns policy can only help your business in the long run. Keep these things in mind when creating your returns policy strategy and your business will see the rewards come in.

  • Clear and Effective Policy Communication: A straightforward returns policy is one of the first things that many online shoppers seek out before making a purchase decision. Making your policy terms easy to access and understand will go a long way with potential customers.
  • Convenience is Key: With the world changing rapidly, online shopping has become both popular and, in many cases, necessary for acquiring products that people need. Making your store uncomplicated to use means that your customers will feel confident in their purchases instead of wondering if their money could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Absorbing Costs and Being Flexible: Taking in the costs of return shipping and restocking makes less of an impact in comparison to the business you may lose by charging extra fees to the customer. Implementing a flexible return policy will also inspire confidence in your customers. Not every purchase is a perfect fit and allowing leniency will only increase your customer loyalty and retention.

Make Your System Easy to Use

From a seller’s perspective, spending time and money on a returns software program that doesn’t fit your business needs won’t support your growing enterprise. Picking a program that fits your current workflow will save future hassle for everyone. Unnecessary time spent on returns creates frustration for everyone involved in the transaction and won’t encourage customers to return to your store. Some unhappy clients may even air their grievances on social media, further driving away potential business.

Find a Magento software program that feels like it fits your store and your current customers. If a program feels intuitive and familiar to users, they won’t worry about buying your products.

Long-Term Benefits

There are so many benefits to creating an easy to use returns process for your online store. The right returns software will simplify a huge part of the ecommerce process, making your customers and your company happy. You’ll want to choose a Magento returns software program that comes with all the additional features you need, including shipping rates and customer visibility.

The information that comes from a Magento program can tell you invaluable information about your customer and help you grow your business. It’s also important to minimize the cost per user without compromising on quality.

Make sure you invest in a software program that is both cost-effective and reliable. Pick your Magento returns software carefully, reading user reviews to find one with positive experiences attached. The provider’s history can also be a key tell—find out how long they’ve been around and how stable their online presence is. These steps will allow you to pick the Magento returns software that fits your business, and you’ll reap the rewards going forward.

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