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12 Sites Like Primewire Alternatives To Stream Free Movies

12 Sites Like Primewire Alternatives To Stream Free Movies


What is primewire?

If you are interested in watching movies, TV shows and love listening to free music, Primewire is the correct platform for you. Numerous titles are presented by this site which was initially known as 1channel or LetMeWatchThis. It offers all kinds of media. It is basically the platform that redirects you to the sites that host movies and shows. Best VPN software must be used for protection against copyright infringement notices. This is a mandatory step as the industry also mostly stays busy saving themselves from people who try to pirate their content. DMCA is dished out to those who are found guilty and often they are fined or have a case run against them. The site is extremely safe and has legal, privacy and security terms and policies that it offers to users before they start using it.

The terms are guarantee is offered by the website itself stating that it doesn’t carry any viruses or malware. Protection over the domain can easily be controlled by anti-virus software. Motion picture association of America faced a lot of issues in cracking down the websites that create a link to the content of copyright, although a legal policy statement is available.

What happened to Primewire?

There are rise and fall in the world of online streaming. One day, there is the best quality and accessible site loved by everyone and the next day, it may just go down. Primewire was one such site that had no effect of copyright claims, DDoS attacks and had a long lifespan of streaming. But suddenly, malicious ads took the place of all the content of Primewire which forced it to shut its doors. After the hostile takeover, access to primewire through its original domain is not possible now. But there is no need to be sad as there are many other amazing streaming sites. Without paying any fee, you can enjoy TV shows, movies, and songs as much as you want.

The online streaming enthusiasts quickly developed a liking for the site. This is all because of the amazing content and stylish design of the site.

The site went dark for a few days due to updates from the EuroDNS and ICANN domain registrar and DNS providers, affecting Primewire’s DNS records. When it returned, all hopes were dashed as the site had undergone a complete transformation, and not for the better. Instead of the content users were familiar with, dubious services like Pushplay had taken over, accompanied by an onslaught of malicious ads.

These ads prompted users for their credit card details, marking the website’s descent into a scam. For those looking for trusted insights on such occurrences, provides comprehensive information on how to navigate and avoid such pitfalls online.

What are the alternatives to Primewire?

The site was gone. There were some passionate users who were very sad about it. They started to search for some alternatives to primewire. Luckily there are many alternatives that are also easily accessible. Here are to describe some:

1. Niter Movies

Niter movies are the primary website which is just like the primewire. With its large collection of movies, this website is highly recommended for all the viewers. This website is just simple to use and has all the guidelines for the visitor in it. This website shows the recent watched movie at the top of the page of the website which is helpful for the viewer and also shows related movies watched by the people of the same search list. This website also gives TRPs, IMDB ratings or different trailers so that the visitor or viewer decides for the best movie for oneself to watch. There are also many advertisements and different pop up appear while playing a movie so there must be software for ad-blocking during playing a movie to make it smooth and disturbance-free. Here is the link to the website.

2. Coolmoviezone

The assemblage of this website is really multifarious but the movie display and its video quality are high as in primewire. coolmoviezone is the website that has the best quality of screening and also provides its viewer the side links which he has been searching for in the side panel. Primewire alternative site also enables a feature of downloading a movie just at a single click and also at different formats like MP4, MOV, 3GP or WMW. It has more future scope as it does not create hindrance by showing ads or different pop up during a movie.

3. Afdah

Afdah is also working on the same principle of primewire. It is considered the fulcrum of the movies. In the search bar, there are 27 different categories of the movies depending upon the related content of that movie. By entering the name of the director or producer or even the cast of a specific movie, all the related movies appear in the list. This website has always very quick response on every link connection or its failure. Variable IOS and android devices can easily run this website. One can find movies with a different dialect and this is why this website is considered as the secure website for video cascade.

4. Vmoveez

There are also many other alternatives to primewire one of which is Vmoveez. It has a very simple articulation as compared to other websites. One can easily search for the movie related to his taste in its user-oriented web page. HD qualities movies are available on this website. This website is however not barring the different pop-ups or ads which cause disturbance during the movie. This website also helps in downloading the video or movie in HD quality in just three clicks. This website is highly recommended for those who love to watch movies.

5. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is a website that has a collection of movies based on similarity in content or story. It is designed differently than other websites like primewire. The theme of the movie is also similar to other movies and cinematography is also the key factor for the division of movies on the home page. The viewer or visitor can also share the movie on his status or with friends. It is also the coding site for movies that make it is alike the other site like primewire. Here is the link

6. 5movies

5movies is designed on the basis of the doctrine of another website of the movie which is movie 25. This website is still developing and not as diverse as other sites like primewire. If you cannot find a movie of your choice you can also contact the carrier of the site to bring that movie on the website.

7. Putlocker

Putlocker is considered as the website which is primewire alternative. All of its features are just similar to primewire. The movie summary is also given on this website so you can decide whether to watch the movie or not. It also helps in viewing the movie in HD quality. The only drawback of this website is the ad appearances or pop-ups which sometimes irritates the viewer. The alliance of the home page is highly sequenced and easy to operate.

8. 123movies

123movies is one of the prime alternatives which classy and new-fashioned assemblage of movies depending n the present trend. This website is user friendly and a site like primewire. The movies are sequenced in the manner according to the year in which they release the genre and the director of the movie. All the contents on this website are well marked and help in sorting the best movie out of the lot. You can also become a member of this website by making an account on this website. The website is having two basic versions depending on the modifications and drawbacks.

9. Moviesjoy

Moviesjoy is one of the websites like primewire for TV shows or movies. This website is considered the treasure of movies and according to the observation, it has the content of movies more advanced than other sites. The video streaming is highly modernized and makes it up to the mark so that no one can resist himself to not viewing this page. There are also different columns on the website from which you can browse the movie of your own choice. This website enlists different movies on its own by taking in consideration the watching history of the viewer. That’s why this website is preferably selected over others like primewire etc. this website also introduced its application on Google play store so that one can easily download it in his device and can watch any movie directly from the application. Undoubtedly this application is considered the primewire replacement website.

10. Watchmovie stream

This website is another website like primewire which has all the availability of different movies in it. This website is excellent with its remarkable screening features. The website is usually having the content which is for the adults i.e. 18+ content. This website has some age-restricted sections from where only people with 18 years or more age can access and under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited. Besides the ad viewing, this website has stunning features and makes it helpful in sorting a movie of your choice. Watchmovie stream is providing the best video streaming with HD quality.

11. 1 movies

There are many sites similar to primewire. Another site like this for the movie’s content is 1movies. This website also offers many movies just like your taste. This website also offers the uploading of the movie by the viewer or member of this website. But there are also some rules for the uploading of the video that it must not contain the sensitive content and the movie type does not violate the community guidelines. Different filters are also available so that one can easily access the movie with high ratings. Some movies on this website offered online streaming while others can be uploaded there for the resolution purpose. Many movies can be uploaded there just according to the guidelines of the website. One can easily download the movie from the website. If you want to watch a movie of specific genre or writer filters are also given for this kind of sorting. Due to the high trafficking of this website, the site may go down due to the bulk of visitors. But this problem is now solved by different experts on the site. This website is offering the highest streaming videos than other streaming sites like primewires.

12. Fmovies

Fmovies is one of the best websites which is having the highest content availability for the viewers. Most of the viewers also recommend and visit this website for watching and downloading purposes. This website has the specialty of different dialects and also has the dubbed movies with subtitles. The streaming of the video is of high quality with all the advanced features. The assemblage of the home page is very smooth and easy to access. This website is perfect in all manners but it also has a drawback of too much ads display. Fmovies is the highest rated website of movies where one can find the movie of their own choice. The website offers different movies according to the interest list of the viewer. The website has a remarkable home page that attracts the viewers. You have the latest library in which you can add movies of your wishlist and for watching it later. Fmovies have also introduced its application on Google play store which increases its ratings and lets more people try it. Unlike prime, this website has newly fashioned and classy schemes for the viewing of the list of the movies.


There is no need to worry if there is no more use of Primewire. You can always take benefit from its alternatives. All the websites mentioned above are the Primewire alternative websites that are offering to stream the videos and movies. These also help in downloading different movies but some are also offering offline streaming. If you have used any other website for movie streaming, please share your experience in the comment section.  You won’t be disappointed. The people who use these sites have given positive feedback and your experience is going to be so much better.

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