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MilesWeb – Web Hosting That Makes Website Development Easy

MilesWeb – Web Hosting That Makes Website Development Easy


A web developer works really hard to make that that one site appealing to his clients. After many follow-ups and changes recommended finally a website gets structured. Additionally, if a web developer works as a freelancer than he/she might end u working 24 hours a day, in order to maintain the deadlines.

The client can ask as many changes as he wants and also has the authority to call out at any moment, but the developer’s responsibility is to provide what the client wants without getting frustrated.

Just developing a site and handing it over to the client is not enough, as a developer, you might need to give after support too.

You might know that web hosting plays an important role while handling a website. So, you need to work on both aspects. Handling all these aspects can get tedious sometimes because you have many such clients. That’s the reason every web developer needs to know the best web hosting solution that can share the burden.

If you are a developer and looking for the same solution, then this article is for you. Without much of wait, I will straightway reveal the name of a web hosting company that can be trusted. Yes, MilesWeb has been a priority name among the developers and in resellers community for their reseller hosting plans.

MilesWeb In Brief :

MilesWeb was launched in the year 2012, with the aim of hosting for all. Since then the company is widely known for its unlimited web hosting solutions and features offered along with it. The technical support team has a separate fan base due to the fast service and solution.


MilesWeb has become popular in a very short span due to their wonderful services.

The company ensures that as a developer you get sufficient time to manage your primary work, where they handle all the web hosting related tasks. The cPanel hosting allows you to monitor the resources usage and website performance. The team takes the responsibility of optimizing, delivering new software updates, monitoring, admin tasks, etc.

What can you expect from MilesWeb?

1) On-Demand Technical Support

MilesWeb experts work 24/7 and are always ready to provide the best support to their customers. For any type of technical issue you can reach out to them and they will fix the problem within minutes.

2) SSL Certificate

As a developer, you must know the importance of an SSL certificate for a site. So, when you provide a web hosting solution with an SSL certificate to your clients they can find you trustworthy with the work. For SSL certificate you don’t need to pay anything extra, as every hosting plan from MilesWeb offers it for free. Also, the SSL certificate helps in increasing the site’s ranking on search engine results.

3) SSD Storage Space

SSD servers speed up the website 200 times faster as compared to sites stored on other drives. All websites at MilesWeb are hosted on SSD drives that deliver a site to visitors as soon it has been requested. MilesWeb knows the 3 seconds rule of website loading speed and thus provides you the faster service.

4) Protection

Security has become the topmost priority in the digital world. Cybercrimes, attacks of viruses, and malicious activities are growing very rapidly, in such cases thick and tight protection is needed. Thus, MilesWeb scans all their servers on a daily basis that keeps every website away from the virus. Once the website is hosted with them they take the responsibility o its protection.

Do you know, how MilesWeb eases web developers’ work further?

Well, it is due to the website builder tool.

Yes, the free website builder tool, enables to create a website in a go. Just two steps method needs to be followed which is (a) Drag and (b) Drop.

The website builder tool offers thousands of free themes, and you can choose any one among them, as per the profession on your site. After selecting a theme, just place your content into it. This way, you can create a professional or personal site, without even doing any type of coding.

The site builder tool can be used as –

Latest Software

Inorder to protect the website it must be updated with the latest versions. MilesWeb provides the latest PHP and MySQL with all the hosting plans, and software at the backend updates their latest versions as soon as they are released. So, even if you are a developer you don’t need to worry about the software tools and their expiration date.

We have seen, many developers struggling with their web hosting management issues because they are already occupied with the development work. So, MilesWeb comes here as a rescue that protects you from dividing from your time among different activities and focus only on what yields results for you.

Wrapping Up :

Developing or designing a website is not an easy task, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. So, if you think your after-work goes into vain just because the hosting providers’ bad response, then it’s the time to change and come to MilesWeb. Their free migration will migrate your website data from the current server to their server without any data loss and downtime. So, reach out to them at any point and try the services where you get 99.95% uptime.

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