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Amazon launches its new Fire tablet low cost

Amazon launches its new Fire tablet low cost

Fire tablet

It has already landed Amazon’s new proposal for the world of low cost tablets and is packed with good news and high expectations.

No, not read bad, the new Fire only costs $ 50 and is shown quite enticing with a 7″ display, a quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (expandable micro SD 128 GB), all under the promise of a good quality building with the slogan “1.8 times stronger than the iPad Air 2”.

It comes loaded with an operating system renovated, Fire OS 5 “Bellini”, which is aimed at discovering content, making its use easier and also encourage users to download more content pun intended. Although also it comes with a new system of reading that shows us one by one the words adapting to our pace by using the front camera that observes the movement of our eyes.

This tablet there are only two versions – and option to purchase as little surprise because although we can find the standard Fire, also accompanying a version for kids Kids Fire of equal size (7″) but yes, at a price up to $ 100 in exchange for a silicone in pink or blue and insurance that covers virtually all types of accidents for two years.

The surprise of which we speak is that if the price of $ 50 was not enough, we also us with a 6 pack for $ 250 Amazon Fire with which apparently only paid for 5 units.

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