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Why Are Customers More Likely To Consider Your 1-Star Reviews?

Why Are Customers More Likely To Consider Your 1-Star Reviews?

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Online reviews are vital for business. They help customers to get a glimpse of the business, its products or services, and overall customer experience. Many people believe that only positive reviews build a business. Therefore, they aim for 4-star and 5-star reviews. It is a good thing. However, even the negative and one-star reviews are a blessing in disguise. Today customers have a lot of choices in choosing services and products. Therefore, they want to spend their money correctly by ensuring they transact with a reputable business. This is why they are more likely to consider one-star reviews than 5-star reviews. Here are three reasons why.

1. Customers Want to Know Your Business

Before a customer purchases from you, they want to know what kind of business you are. Therefore, they do not go for satisfied customers. They want to see those unhappy to help them understand the problem and how you handled it. Customers want to know the problems they are likely to encounter with you and if they will get them resolved. They want peace of mind to know that everything will be handled should something go wrong with their purchase. Therefore, how you respond to the one-star review matters a lot. Never ignore a one-start review. Instead, handle the matter to show you are concerned about your customers and want to give them the best.

2. They Want to Make the Right Decision

When purchasing something, especially big purchases, customers want to know they are making the right decision. There are many instances when people get poor products or services because they do not look at how a business handles itself. Therefore, a customer does not want to fall victim to such cases. Positive reviews tell a customer what they might already guess. However, the negative ones point out some flaws that customers can consider to narrow down their choices. This allows them to make the right decision when buying a product or a service.

3. They Are Looking for Credibility

If you have all 5-star reviews, it is easy for a consumer to doubt you. Customers are suspicious of “perfect” businesses that don’t experience any problems with their customers. You cannot please everyone, and no matter the quality of services or products you provide, you may get an unhappy customer. This is something that consumers understand, and it all comes down to how you respond. Therefore, the flaws build credibility for your business. Consumers want to see the negative and positive reviews to know your business is genuine and you are not trying to hide behind perfection. Therefore, don’t be wary about the 1-star review. It is a blessing that shows you are not perfect, but you are trying to give the best.


These are three primary reasons customers consider 1-star reviews more than 5-star reviews. So, it does not hurt your business but instead builds credibility. You all need to deal with them the right way to impact them positively. Leaving them not to respond can make the difference between getting a customer and losing one.

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