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Where to Train in 2021

Where to Train in 2021

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Last year saw more than a million British businesses go down the tubes, taking many people with them into unemployment. This year has been spent licking our wounds and trying to recover, with jobs few and far between and many of us lost for direction, since our chosen careers no longer exist.

We want to point some of you in the right direction. This year is the year of retraining, of learning new skills and coming back stronger. Like the phoenix, we will rise out of the hot coals and build new careers for ourselves doing something else. Most of us don’t have a choice. That mortgage must be paid somehow.

The Year of Tech

If the last 18 months has taught us anything, its that we all rely on technology a lot more than we used to. We keep in touch through online platforms, use websites to shop online, and video chat as often as we call people. This led to a massive profit boom in this sector of industry, with jobs being created left right and centre while everyone else was losing out.

Look at Zoom, for example, the online video messaging service. They abandoned their limit of 40 minutes per free chat and made their service free for schools here in the UK. They still generated $2.6 billion revenue in 2020, proving that you can be a big business and still help the little guy out.

This kind of growth in unexpected sectors has replaced some of the jobs lost in retail and food. Now, as things move on, let’s talk about where we should be training to make the most of 2021.

Where to Train for Future Employment?

First and foremost, any kind of technology or IT role is going to be massively important to every online business soon. It’s already happening, in fact. Without the IT technicians, we wouldn’t have been able to work from home successfully. If you train in IT right now, you will be making a handsome salary by the end of your degree.

Cloud Computing Roles include different aspects of working with the Cloud. You might try to train as a security engineer, as a network architect, or as a DevOps Engineer. Whatever you specialise in, Cloud Computing jobs are paying more and more with each passing quarter. Since most of our work is completed online nowadays, Cloud specialisation is everything to big businesses.

Software Development companies are on the rise, too. Demand for software development services slowed but didn’t stop during covid-19. The worldwide software development population is around 24.5 million, so it’s still a job where your skills will be in high demand. Salaries are due to rise to nearly £57k annually in this area.

What If I’m Too Old?

Nobody is too old to go back to college. They may try to convince you that it’s a bad idea, but if you emerge from education with extra tools in your CV toolbox, then you are the winner, regardless.

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