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What benefits a web based EDI system can give your business?

What benefits a web based EDI system can give your business?

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Electronic data interchange systems first began life back in the early 1950s in order to aid with worldwide shipping and the exchange of manifests and invoices between companies. In 70 years which have followed this technology has significantly moved forward and currently is operated using a web based EDI system, used universally by an enormous number of companies. What the web based version of this technology has enabled is the accessibility of even small businesses use this software, and it comes with a long list of benefits to all involved.

Environmentally Friendly

It has never been more important for every business to take steps to increase their green credentials than it is right now. This is not just to fit in with regulations which are set out by lawmakers and regulatory bodies, this is also what our customers are expecting from us and the greener a business is, the more attractive it is to a wide range of clients. Using EDI software means that you will be able to reduce printing and paper use down to almost zero, massively improving your green credentials.

Speed and Accuracy

In a fast paced world, B2B relationships are greatly aided and improved through speed and accuracy, no matter if that is with regards to orders, invoicing or reporting. This is the perfect solution which will help you and your business. The speed of sharing information will certainly be welcomed by your clients and accuracy in particular will be critical as mistakes cost time and money.

Audit Ready

If your business gets audits then you will no doubt understand just how critical it is that you have all of your documentation in perfect order, ready for it to be looked over. Now in most cases this involves a mad panic in the days ahead of the audit, looking to get everything in order. That will become a thing of the past once you have a web based EDI system which will radically improve how your business stores its information around business dealings.

Money Saver

One of the key reasons as to why many more small businesses are using this solution is that they recognize the very clear cost savings which there are to be made. Let’s first take the actual sending of information here, this will mean costs for paper, printing, man hours to carry out the work and also the cost of sending information. Furthermore we can see clear cost savings regarding the speed and accuracy of the data interchange, as mentioned mistakes cost money so there is a clear price saving here too. And finally you are going to be saving a great deal of cash on your members of staff, increasing both their productivity levels and efficiency. Your staff will have less time spent on admin which means more time spent doing more important things in the daily running of the business.

There is little doubt that this is a solution that works for everyone.

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