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Fast and Flexible Technology Solutions

Fast and Flexible Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Imagine traveling for business without the extra hassles of carrying a laptop computer. Picture a convention booth configured with the latest technology; Plasma screens, fast laptops and a great sound system. Think of how easy in-house training would be if you could, with one phone call, have an entire classroom set up, complete with desktop computers, a server and printer. Those are just some of the problems that computer rentals can solve for your company.Rentals are a quick fix to the technology issues facing modern businesses. Unlike leasing, which usually involves lengthy agreements with penalties for cancellation, renting is designed to be flexible and fast. When you rent computers and other hi-tech equipment, you define the rental period and the location. Because of their inherent flexibility, computer rentals are ideal for short-term projects.

A weekend conference or a week-long training session can be accommodated. If you need new technology for the longer term, rentals are also the answer. New product testing and temporary staff increases are common scenarios in which long-term computer rentals are undertaken. Most computer rental companies have a national or even international reach, so they can fulfill your order quickly, even if you need your equipment set up on the other side of the country. This is why so many business travelers turn to rentals. Instead of carrying equipment with them, they can rent everything they need and have it set up and waiting for them at their destination. Small businesses can benefit greatly from computer rentals.

Instead of investing in expensive equipment, like LCD projectors, they can rent when the need for that technology arises. Rentals also offer businesses of all sizes a chance to try new technology before buying. Rentals should figure into your disaster planning. No one wants to think about the damage that fire, flooding or equipment failure can cause, but it helps to be prepared.You can minimize downtime by keeping the name and number of a reputable computer rental company in your PDA. How do you know a good rental company? They should make it easy for you to get a quote on equipment. They should be responsive and flexible. In addition to offering the latest technology, they should also have a team of knowledgeable consultants to help with setup, take down and troubleshooting.

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