Why Should You Play with Practice Chips First?

If you are one of those who aspire to be a great online rummy player one day, here is a tip for you. Always start playing Indian rummy online games by using practice chips. KhelplayRummy allows you a choice between real chips and practice chips to play the game online. Be wise and choose the practice chips first.

If you are not well acquainted with the term practice chips, here is an explanation that will help you. Practice chips are chips provided for players to play rummy online without using cash. Practice chips are provided to every player who creates an account on KhelplayRummy. They can be replenished as soon as they are over at the click of a button without paying a penny. Real chips are chips that are used to play online real cash winning games. Here are some simple reasons why you should consider playing with practice chips first and then move on to the real chips.

To Understand the Online Platform Well

Many new players may know rummy but may not be quite well acquainted with the online platform. Knowing the game rules is one thing and understanding how to use your device to play the game is quite another thing. A wise player would always try to acquaint himself with the platform first using practice chips. Once he is sure he has understood how to use the app for the game, he will go ahead and play with real chips.

To Get Well Acquainted with the Rules of the Game

The difference between online gaming and offline playing are many. You maybe well acquainted with a particular variation of Indian rummy. The game you are trying to play online maybe quite different. While there are countless local variations to the rummy game, websites and apps usually have the most popular options. It is a great idea to try playing with practice chips till you understand the rules of the online game. Once you are well acquainted with the variations online, you can confidently play online real money earning games by choosing real chips.

To Avoid Losing Real Money Due to Overconfidence

If you are one of the overconfident know-all kinds, you need to stick to practice chips till you get over this spasm. Overconfidence prevents you from understanding the rules of the game. It also causes you to lose a game because of a notion that you know everything. As a wise player, you must choose practice chips and actually grasp the rules of the game. You need to shed off some of the overconfidence before you take to real cash gaming with real chips.

To Understand the Simple Fun of Playing Rummy

If you are among those rummy gamers who think the game cannot be fun unless money is involved, you are wrong. Rummy is equally fun with or without money involved in it. The simple way to understand this fact is to play rummy online free without cash. You can play a few rounds of rummy with practice chips and you will know the true fun of the game.

To Know All Alternatives

As an offline rummy player, you may have played one variant of your favourite card game. This is because you need to play the game that everyone in your circle knows and enjoys. If you wish to understand the several other variants of the game, you can do it on KhelplayRummy. Just pick the practice chips to play many different variants available on this website. Here are the common variations you may try out on the website:

Based on the number of cards:

  • 10 Cards Rummy Game
  • 13 Cards Rummy Game
  • 21 Cards Rummy Game

Based on the Rounds in the Game:

  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Try out all the variations. You can go for the 13-card rummy game free download for android and practice every day. Once you know all the nuances of the game, you can go ahead and play with real chips.