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Plans to Send the First Lady to the Moon

Plans to Send the First Lady to the Moon


The US space agency NASA has announced a 28 28 billion plan to send a man to the moon again after 48 years. From now on, humans will be able to step on the surface of the moon, but the money earmarked for this project will be used to build a landing system. The powerful SLS rocket will be sent into space.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says 28 billion will be spent preparing to go to the moon over the next four years. Are

The US House of Representatives has just passed a 600 million bill, yet more cash will be expected to build up a total framework, including cases and rockets to the moon. The venture is called Armits 1. Also, it has chosen to send it to the moon in the fall of 2021.

According to Kathy Lloyds, head of NASA’s manned spaceflight, Armits 1 will stay there for a month to fully check the system. In this way, the journey of Armies 2 will be the second journey of a plane with humans in the same way. Another new test has now been added to this mission.

As soon as the test separates from the Proximity Operations Demonstration Orion SLS rocket, the astronauts onboard will control it. The SLS rocket is preparing for its first flight next year. Notwithstanding Orion’s capacity to deal with troublesome circumstances, it will likewise test the rocket’s equipment and programming.

48 years after Apollo 17 landed on the moon, Armies will now be the first mission to take humans to the moon. NASA is working to build an Armites base camp where humans can work for further research on the moon in the future.Researchers need to get water and ice tests from the moon’s south pole so that later on it could be utilized to deliver fuel for rockets to the moon, as it is more costly to move fuel from Earth.

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