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Twitter is in the top social websites of the world?

Twitter is in the top social websites of the world?


Is pretty incredible how twitter managed to generate so much happiness for so many people and to make many and many new users to register.

Twitter is in my opinion the ultimate social website model not just because the technology they use and the way to express their content but also because they know what people like.Everyone likes to share what they do every time but they don’t want to be very specify or they don’t have enough time so is easy for everyone to write an 140 text message.

Most people are using Twitter just to make friends and Twitter comes with a great new and interesting and easy way to add friends to your profile, profile that is very simple and yet effective because the profile contains whatever you need without many photos or videos or a lot of content to write about yourself.

All Twitter needs from you is just a simple description and your name or if you like to promote one of your products or website, you should add your website address to and of course use website name and not yours it will be a better thing for promoting it.

Twitter also allows you to customize your profile how you like it, it’s true that you can’t add fancy media or animated backgrounds but you actually don’t need all of that.The main idea of Twitter is to connect you with your friends and new people and this point is definitely the best thing at Twitter because it wouldn’t take more than 1 second to search for people who are on same theme as you or not because on twitter you will find many interesting people from all countries with many kinds of activities no matter on what theme you refer to.

The “SMS of internet” how it’s called has managed to create a huge community in just 3 years from it’s start in 2006.Twitter is now one of top social websites and of course when you talk about traffic is a monster too because it’s position in Alexa World Top Ranking is 94 that means Twitter is 94th website of the world that also means it has a huge amount of traffic every day and this also means it’s owners earned a lot from Twitter(CEO Evan Williams over $22 million) and of course they are planning to extend the Twitter platform and come with new and cool features every day.

Well enough with good things :D.Twitter is well know as a mass manipulation tool and this has been approved by making Moldova people to start a manifest but again it’s not Twitter fault is just human stupidity…

Since Twitter start, there were many people who tried to create videos or websites just to show the world about how Twitter is or how it isn’t.

A cool video about Twitter animated by Josh Faure-Brac

Twittersphere is the place for you to be and if you don’t have an account I’m here to tell you that you should get one.Click here to create a Twitter account is free and is fun!

Also if you like you can follow our Technolik blog twitter profile – Technolik on Twitter.

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